Common Grounds Menteng

24th September 2021
Adapting the layout of a home to their advantage, the latest addition of Common Grounds in Menteng offers their regulars a more intimate set-up while sticking to quality coffee that they’re known for.

As it happens, it’s pretty apt to call Common Grounds’ latest branch its new ‘home’. Housed in SOI Cik Ditiro, a recently developed lifestyle compound, the building is refashioned from an old residence and painted all black, giving it a striking and imposing aura from the outside. 

Common Grounds, being SOI’s first (and currently, the only) tenant, is swiftly setting the atmosphere for the complex. Instead of bending the interior of the building to its established flair, Common Grounds adapts to the original blueprint to offer their regulars a different experience. While previous branches of Common Grounds give off the impression that one is there for coffee with a side of business talks—evidenced by its first-ever shop at Citywalk Sudirman, plus their sleek and suave branch at ASHTA, the latest addition feels communal and unhurried. 

Once in, the coffee counter is propped against the floor-to-ceiling window while facing a long communal table, where patrons casually enjoy a cuppa over an open laptop, evoking the vibe of a coworking space. Given the laid-back ambience, coffee at this particular branch of Common Grounds is best enjoyed unrushed while digging into warm and toasty pastries, or their vegan pancake topped with Lotus Biscoff biscuits, should you wish to take it up a notch.

The homey layout also engages those who are looking for some quietude. Further in, another communal table is set in front of the open kitchen, providing patrons with an alternative scene to rest their eyes from the long screen time. The ‘dining room’ appeals to introverts who prefer to be isolated from the crowd while witnessing the kitchen staff preparing their low-key vegan nasi goreng gila.

That’s not to say that patrons who are here for work meetings should feel left out. One can engage in tête-à-tête over at their semi-private Trophy Room, which resembles a study room and houses dozens of Common Grounds trophies and achievements. Of course, since you’re here, you might as well enjoy their new house blend, Major Tom, an exclusive espresso blend that marries white chocolate sweetness with a lingering fruity flavour.

In a time when working from home or remotely is the norm, this latest addition of Common Grounds feels like a fitting commentary to the new behaviour that we’re collectively experiencing. Still, whether or not regulars share the sentiment, they will no doubt welcome this new addition with open arms.