Cold Moo

14th February 2020
Just a stone’s throw away from its previous site, the delightful Cold Moo in Dharmawangsa breathes more colour into their new home with simple selection of coffees and freshly baked goods whilst staying true to their mains: ice cream.

Embracing the one-stop-shop concept in high spirits, Cold Moo’s welcoming vibes will instantly put one in a good mood. Set in a two-story shophouse at the heart of Dharmawangsa, the new outlet has sparked more joy onto their crowd by making room for its own bakehouse and coffee station on the first floor, before leading the way to the upper floor for their main appeal. 

Clean and simple with a touch of red, the space holds a showy countertop flaunting their sticker-stacked ice cream machines and a few window seats. Though the parlour is straightforward with their venue, the crowd seems to find their ways in securing their spots to enjoy their sweet treats, even if it means to gobble it up outdoors.

Made of quality ingredients and fresh fruits, Cold Moo’s special soft-serves are not your average scoop of ice cream. With delicious add-ons like the ol’ Lucky Charms, Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Milo powder, the icy treat is versatile to one’s liking. 

Keeping their offerings short and sweet, one wouldn’t have to go through the hassle of picking a flavour. However, one is not to miss their best-loved Berry-O (sweet milk ice cream with fresh strawberries and crushed oreos) and Cookie D’oh (sweet milk ice cream with chocolate chip cookie dough). And, since the shop houses an array of coffees, why not top your sweet round with a creamy Macchiato or a classic V60 for that caffeine boost of the day?

If you haven’t had the chance to pay Cold Moo’s previous joint a visit, now is the perfect time to get yourself ready for a sweet round at their new place. With a more spacious venue, a new selection of brewed beverages and an overall sunny energy, Cold Moo welcomes guests for a well-deserved treat.