CLIQ Coffee & Kitchen

2nd November 2018
Surprising as it is, the snug CLIQ Coffee & Kitchen right by the old tattered Pasar Santa offers you a warm ambience in company of well-brewed coffee and comforting fares.

Try to visualise the infamous, decades-old Santa Market (Pasar Santa). Chances are, you’d also envision its dishevelled, cluttered surroundings. But right a stone’s throw away from the disorder lies CLIQ Coffee & Kitchen. At glance, the modern-looking establishment may look peculiar to leave you wondering of its existence there. Yet, that may be the very reason intriguing any passerby to come in.

Cosy as any proper coffee shop should be, CLIQ has its own unique appeal to lure Jakarta’s coffee enthusiasts – from the illustrated posters adorning the two-storey place, the sleek furnitures and the smallest of details, it all fits to a T with the café’s pastel palette. Add in the smell of freshly brewed coffee from the coffee bar, and you’ll likely want to stick around to discover what CLIQ has to offer.

Trust their head barista to fix your favourite cup with finesse, who personally curates and handpicks the café’s coffee offerings. CLIQ’s house blend and guest beans rotate every two weeks, featuring imported coffee beans (such as those originating from Colombia and Rwanda) as well as Indonesia’s own from the likes of Gordi and Smoke N Barrels. For those immune to a single cup of joe, order the Split to get your caffeine boost – comprised of a single shot of espresso accompanied by either a cup of cappuccino or piccolo.

Do yourself a favour and order the café’s special Pisang Goreng. Unlike those you’d usually get from a street stall, CLIQ’s pisang goreng are thinly-cut banana slices, fried to crisp perfection and drizzled with sweet caramel sauce. But when it’s time for lunch or dinner, it’s a tough choice between their special Wagyu Rolled Steak with parmesan potato fondue and their Pan Seared Salmon served with pesto and fresh tomato salsa. Craving for a heartier plate? Your local tastebuds will thank you for CLIQ’s Ayam Sambal Matah. 

Not that there’s not enough coffee shops around, but it surely wouldn’t hurt to swing by CLIQ to fathom the café’s charm yourself. Chances are, this may be your new favourite spot in South Jakarta to escape the day’s heat while enjoying your cuppa’. And good news for those living in the neighbourhood around, there’s finally a place where you can walk down to get your coffee as the sun rises.