6th February 2017
Who's up for roast chicken? Ciknic's tasty yet affordable roast chicken means you can have it just about anytime of the day.

Small and simple in terms of its interior, this might seem to contrast the idea of Dharmawangsa being known for the high-class residencies surrounding the area. But don’t judge a book by its cover; case in point, the casual Western eatery Ciknic, which is known for their roast chicken.

Before moving to its current enclave, Ciknic was located in a food court in Kemang, where its previous menu was still limited to their popular roast chicken. As mentioned, it is recommended to go for their signature roast chicken, marinated in herbs. Portion-wise, one could choose from quarter, half, or whole, but no matter what the size is, the best company to this dish is none other than Ciknic rice (garlic fried rice) and generous serving of savoury gravy.

Afraid of chicken overdose? If you prefer not to start with their roast chicken straightaway, one could go for some of the starters such as Smashed Avocado Crostini, which features small wheat breads topped with avocado, bocconcini and cherry tomato. Other options worth considering are their Catalan Bacon & Egg and the Swedish Hash Rice Bowl.

Ciknic is definitely a much-welcomed addition to the area of Dharmawangsa where it’s mostly known for upscale establishments. Furthermore, with the versatility of the dishes, it’s safe to say that Ciknic is suitable for any occasions of the day.