8th February 2017
The neighbourhood coffee joint, Calibrate, is an oasis in contrast to the chaotic district it’s in.

Jakarta has been dotted with so many third wave coffee shops and along with all its hypes for the past few years that these days, a visit to coffee shop seems like a plebeian thing to do. But when you’re stuck in traffic under ridiculously hot weather, you’ll be thankful to find a nearby neighbourhood coffee joint, ready to dispel away the moodiness with a latte stamped with milk heart.

Calibrate is such coffee shop. Located in a disorderly district in the West of Jakarta, the calming blue colour of the coffee counter hints at its duty of being an oasis for the weary residents and passers-by. Decorations are kept to a minimum and you’re most likely to be staring to a blank concrete wall in Calibrate. No doubt, a welcoming sight in comparison to the chaotic scene outside.

Being fickle minded about the taste of your coffee is totally fine in Calibrate. The establishment serves up coffee using their own Calibrate Blend depending on your preference, be it mild (a combination of Colombia Giraldo and Brazil Noosa) or bold (a combination of Ethiopia Misty Valley and Toraja Suroco). But given that the West is often harassed with searing weather, it feels right to gravitate towards cold drinks, like ice latte or ice black.

This easy-going atmosphere is also reflected in its crowds. Don’t be surprised to find college students “camping” in a corner with textbooks and visitors, possible nearby residents, in slippers and casual getup. So no matter the type of crowd you’re mingling with, you can be sure that the vibe is always chilled.