Caffeine Lab

23rd February 2018
Omitting the fancy and bringing in simplicity, Caffeine Lab attracts nearby office workers looking for that much-needed coffee break.

The café trend has given coffee consumption a connotation of a pastime activity beverage. Whether people are having a casual gathering, having brunch, waiting for a friend, or simply winding down after a long day, a cup of coffee is likely to be nearby.

Nestled in Graha Niaga Thamrin lobby, Caffeine Lab is all about practicality. The café welcomes a stream of white-collar professionals looking to refuel with caffeine at any time of the day without the hassle of beating through traffic or ordering online. There is true gratification in having a coffee place so nearby. Not only your caffeine boost is merely steps away, you also get to escape the cluster of your desk without leaving the workplace.

Among the regular coffee options on offer, there is EKO Office Ice Coffee, a sweet iced milk coffee made with their signature EKO blend. EKO is the embodiment of the Lab’s concept: straightforward and practical. Naturally, it has become the favorite among office workers. So the sight of EKO and some pastries sitting next to group meeting is a familiar one at Caffeine Lab. But if you’re not looking for EKO, there is always ESTI, a caffeine-free iced blue-pea flower tea sweetened with “yuzu” syrup, that turns from blue to purple when stirred.

Just like the simplicity of a periodic table, Caffeine Lab’s modest venue reflects the straightforwardness of its concept, So don’t feel intimated by the amount of professionals frequenting Caffeine Lab, they’re either having a meeting or taking a quick coffee boost. If anything, you will most likely catch on the feeling of productivity and get yourself started.