Thirty Three by Mirasari

22nd February 2017
Away from the commotion of main Kemang Raya Road lies Thirty Three by Mirasari, a quiet restaurant where its secluded spot is definitely its main draw.

Those who regularly visit Kemang might think that there’s nothing left to discover in the said neighbourhood. Yet, there are actually a few places that could have slipped from one’s attention, despite the fact that they have actually been around for a while.

Hidden in one of those tucked-away lanes of Kemang Utara, Café Thirty Three by Mirasari has been serving denizens of the neighbourhood who yearn to escape the bustling streets of the main Kemang Raya Road. Thanks to its obscured location, Thirty Three is blessed with a calm atmosphere, accompanied only with the occasional sound of passing vehicles.

The lengthy name of the restaurant offers a tribute to Mirasari, a catering service, which was started way before Thirty Three was established as a brick-and-mortar extension to the business. As such, visitors of the establishment – from housewives to white-collar workers – are usually regulars who have been loyal to Mirasari catering’s long-established presence.

When it comes to menu, the good news is there is something for everyone. The many numbers of thumbs up in their menu may invite an off-putting first impression, yet after trying out some of the recommended ones it would be easier to understand how hard it is to decide as they are proven delicious. From Western delights such as pizza to Asian fares such as satay, all will please you just the same.

If you feel that there is no more to visit in Kemang, think again. Surely you couldn’t have missed Thirty Three – with food that satisfies various palates and quiet ambience, a visit to the establishment is definitely worthwhile and relaxing.