Café Kitsuné

27th November 2020
The fox welcomes the city’s lifestyle buffs with the arrival of Café Kitsuné. The French-Japanese lifestyle house set its flagship on the grounds of ASHTA District 8, flaunting their well-anticipated cafe and ready-to-wear label to the delight of its army of devotees.

Get stylish and comfortable with Kitsuné, the French fox that has made its first den in Indonesia and Jakartans are the first guests to its flagship café and fashion boutique in the city. In the past few years where Jakarta has noticeably grown with lifestyle trends, its inhabitants have fully immersed themselves in the art de vivre of fashion and F&B, thus the timely debut for the Parisian lifestyle house in the metropolitan District 8, ASHTA mall in Senopati.

Created by duo Gildas Loaëc and Masaya Kuroki in 2002, the Paris-meets-Tokyo brand is no stranger-player in the lifestyle fare. With the label’s ready-to-wear label Maison Kitsuné to the bistro-esque coffee shop and restaurant Café Kitsuné, the brand has a whaling influence over young bon-vivants all over the world by marrying playful and honest sophistication into creative values that resonate with young adults across generations. Their moniker, the fox (or kitsune in Japanese), represents the fluidity and versatility to inspire timelessly.

 Jakartans who have been to Café Kitsune in the likes of Paris, Tokyo, or Seoul will find the new home in Jakarta loyal to its origins. The restaurant embraces the comfort and chicness of a modern French bistro crossed with the warmth of Japanese simplicity. The cordial ambience is on loop be it for breakfast or afternoon coffee break, which the fox happily accommodates with its list of fusion fares on the menu.

Go fully French with signatures like the Duck Confit (a French traditional marinated duck served with mashed potatoes and a tangy balsamic sauce) and a Chef’s Omelette for a light bite. For fusion, the Kitsuné Burger plates a tartare pâté in teriyaki sauce. In the direction of sweets, Dorayaki Pancakes is a playful twist to the Japanese street snack to have for your dessert. If afternoon snacks are more in line with your fancy, Café Kitsune isn’t short of French and Japanese pastries to pair with their line of beverages and speciality coffees. 

If you find yourself coveting their cups, mugs and other trinkets, rest assured that the feeling is normal. At the storefront is where you can purchase their merchandise as memorabilia of the fox. For fashion, head to the adjacent Maison Kitsuné where timeless ready-to-wear apparels have been given a cool edge with the Kitsuné emblem. Consider your first visit as a welcome to the fox in Jakarta, and your next ones be a start to a newly-found fandom of it.