Burgreens (SCBD)

7th April 2017
Burgreens launches its new space in Pacific Place, promoting its fast slow food creed to more people in J-Town.

With two branches in Jakarta under its belt, Burgreens continues to expand at the start of 2017, where it further plants its organic and vegetarian-forward creed in Jakarta’s turf. Cue Burgreens Pacific Place, the latest offspring of the organic eatery.

Located at the heart of SCBD, the new Burgreens is not only the successor to the now closed Burgreens flagship in Rempoa, but also the first that is located inside a mall.

The small size of the space and quick service hint at Burgreens’ move towards adapting the concept of fast slow food, without compromising its quality. Quick, clean and healthy, it’s definitely a better nourishment for white collar workers in the area who are looking for uncomplicated options during lunch break.

Likewise, it’s not Burgreens if it’s not innovative. The menu welcomes a number of newcomers, like the Vegan Hot Dog and Barley Quinoa Bowl. The former is a protein-packed vegan sausage (made of seitan or wheat glutten) with BBQ sauce and mustard, a wholesome alternative to Burgreens’ long-time favourite mushroom steak. While the latter, a heftier alternative sub to the usual salad.

The move towards a healthy consumption of food is definitely a much welcomed one in a city like Jakarta, and Burgreens is definitely at the forefront of it. There’s no doubt that Burgreens has become the byword for healthy eating by now.