Burgreens (BSD)

18th March 2019
Healthy eating gets easier in BSD with the arrival of Burgreens at The Breeze, where nourishing plant-based meals are housed next to a health food store for an added bonus.

It’s not unheard of to see people flocked their way in and out of BSD nowadays. After all, the depth of establishments and lifestyle facilities in BSD are accommodating enough to make any retreat from the capital city worthwhile. So, It’s only wise for Bugreens to make their move here and favour the health-conscious crowd that inhabits the area.

This time around, Burgreens is lodged in The Breeze lifestyle center. Along with the refreshing outdoor landscape, the restaurant coexists next to a health food store, Toko Organic for a one-stop health errands.

First and foremost, are Burgreen’s line-up of nutritious plant-based meals. But these days, Burgreens spoil their customers with more than just their range of healthy burgers. Try something new and share the Mediterranean-style Falafel Bites, made of spinach and chickpeas to kick-off your nourishing meal.

And to everyone’s delight, Burgreens whipped up their own version of the classic caesar salad. Here, the Max Chick’n Caesar Salad is set to satisfy anyone coming in hungry, where liberally tossed greens with barley, soy protein, homemade garlic croutons and vegan caesar dressing come with a soy-based vegan chicken filet that rivals just about any caesar bowls. And you can bet even the meat-lovers would fall for the Burgreens Steak, where the mushroom steak is doused in black pepper sauce and served alongside mashed cauliflower and potato.

And before proceeding with your shopping next door, it’s only right to freshen up with the antioxidant-rich Moonlight Berry Smoothie. Otherwise, coffee is always a welcomed sight and here, have the Red Velvet or Matcha Espresso as your afternoon delight.

With six other establishments perched across Jakarta, it’s not surprising to see Burgreens continue pioneering the healthy lifestyle crusade even around the city, thus with their arrival in BSD, expect the phenomenon to unravel.