Brookland Coffee

17th October 2019
Forming a cycling community was never the intention, yet Brookland Coffee welcomes the city's two-wheelers and the rest of the neighbourhood for a friendly cuppa.

This city has been long congested with cars and motorbikes, so to no one’s surprise, the sight of people cycling in the streets of Jakarta is something genial. With this reality, the number of cafes that open their doors for the cycling and skateboarding community keeps growing, and Brookland Coffee in Panglima Polim falls in this category.

Unlike its sibling Seven Speed Coffee whose interior and visual cues make it evident as a bikers and skaters-friendly spot, one can draw an inference that Brookland is just as welcoming merely by the bike-parking facilities at the shop front. With no distinct branding, it has quickly gained recognition and accolades of cycling enthusiasts who then formed a community, albeit unintended. The name itself, Brookland, stands for ‘bro’ and land. At its heart, this place aims to be a place in which everyone could engage in genuine camaraderie. The more reason one shan’t be intimidated by the cycling part. 

What they serve on the menu comes pretty straightforward; coffee and breakfast. From its beverage selection, coffee and tea is all that there is yet still palatable. However, the interesting part goes to their selection of breakfast that varies day by day, from Nasi Kecombrang, Nasi Cumi Ijo, Nasi Kuning, all served warm and wrapped in daun pisangIf you’re not an early riser, all-day options are waiting for you, such as the classic Peanut Butter Jelly or La Pomme Mantou (toasted mantou with aromatic apple) for a zestier finish.

All in all, more than just a cyclists-friendly cafe, Brookland Coffee presents an inspiring initiative for the two-wheelers of this city while being just as welcoming for the rest of us to chime in. Small and compact with none of the pretense, it’s the ideal friendly neighbourhood coffee shop.