Breakfast at Cayenne

11th June 2015
Located in Kemang, Breakfast at Cayenne’s hearty breakfast clearly illustrates why it is the early bird that always gets the worm.

By now everyone should be familiar with the saying that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But really, the latter is important not just because of that. It is also a time when one usually starts the day with their loved ones. And in this case, it’s generally the family.

Smacked right at the corner of Cayenne, an independent local furniture and homeware store in Kemang, the aptly titled Breakfast at Cayenne pretty much doesn’t need any explanation regarding what it serves on the menu. And the straightforwardness of this establishment means customers visit this spot with clear objective in mind: breakfast.

The options are carefully selected to showcase only a handful of popular breakfast dishes. But, it is still easy to be spoilt with choice here. To go for Asian salad with grilled chicken or maple hash potato with beef bacon? Mie ayam jamur or salmon cakes with lemon aioli? No matter what your choice, it is recommended to end them with a cup of coffee (coffee beans from Morph Coffee) and a slice of lemon tart.

Perhaps, owing to the fact that three ladies – Dewi Haliman, Lilis Affandi and Jacqueline Karyadi – who are also mothers themselves, initiated the Breakfast at Cayenne, all the food comes in generous portion without skimping on ingredients. It’s pretty much the kind of “breakfast of champions” meal that any parents would approve, instead of watching their kids indulging themselves with the sinful peanut jelly all the time.

Given the friendliness of its food and atmosphere, it’s not hard to feel at ease in Breakfast at Cayenne. Even if one is not here with any company, there are still plenty of corners, especially spacious backyard area, to savour breakfast in solitary bliss.

So if it has been quite some time since you had breakfast fitting for a champion then Breakfast at Cayenne will pretty much settle you in without any difficulty.