22nd April 2014
With BOBOBOBO, everything is conveniently within reach with only just a few clicks away.

Retail therapy is fun where one gets to hop from store to store, trying products after products with a handful of paper bags in tow. But not everyone has the luxury of time – especially those with a hectic schedule or in the mood to be seen in public when feeling a little downcast.

Thank God for Internet.

Started since July 2013, BOBOBOBO is an online boutique for lifestyle products that is made up of three sections: Shop – distinctive lifestyle products with good perceived value, Holiday – personally handpicked travel packages, and Treats – offering exciting experience the city of Jakarta has to offer.

Still, regardless of what is your motivation behind visiting BOBOBOBO, you can be sure that everything is meticulously selected – be it affordable or steep in price, as long as it is of good quality. Fashion-inclined shoppers will be glad to know that the e-boutique carries some of Indonesia’s best labels such as Peggy Hartanto and Sapto Djojokartiko. Worried that you won’t find the likelihood of wearing your new garbs in Jakarta? Just a few clicks away and you’ll soon be sporting the new looks in, say, the exotic land of Africa.

So if you’re ever in one of those days, where you feel like burying yourself under the blanket with a tub of Rocky Road while still wishing to do some retail therapy, BOBOBOBO is there for you.