Beer Hall

17th January 2018
Emulating the spirit of traditional German beer halls, Beer Hall by Biko Group promises a quality drinking experience without any of the pretence.

After a number of successful venues around Jakarta, such as Beer Garden and Lola, Biko Group continues to expand their reach in Jakarta’s food and beverage industry with the opening of Beer Hall over at SCBD. Citing the growing appreciation towards beers, wine and spirits in the lives of many Indonesians, Beer Hall aspires to be an epicenter of Jakarta’s refined drinking culture.

In terms of venue, Beer Hall was truly built for a social experience. The open plan, warehouse-inspired space sits 260, with a standing room of around 1000 people. Being conveniently located at the heart of SCBD, Beer Hall is ideal for any urban dwelling beer and liquor aficionados. The relaxed and social atmosphere makes it a prime spot to mingle and unwind after a long day of work; especially considering that it closes at 1am on weekdays, and even later at 3am on Fridays and Saturdays.

With a name like Beer Hall, it’s only fitting to know that their bar menu is definitely one to praise. This establishment boasts an extensive and tightly curated list of alcoholic drinks. Particularly impressive are their cocktails on tap. For now they are only offering their version of a Negroni and Beer Americano on tap, but with their kind of drive and appreciation towards quality drinks, it’s only a matter of time before more are added to the list.

For an establishment that puts drinking as the priority, Beer Hall offers some appetising delicacies that can both compliment your drinking experience as well as be enjoyed on its own. Their Super Nachos and Salted Egg Chips are prime beer food material; quick, easy and full of taste. For mains, the Nasi Babi Garing Sambal Matah is a signature that will surely appease.

You can be sure that Beer Hall is genuinely passionate about what they have to offer. If you’re looking for a place that puts a premium on quality drinks without any of the pretence, this spot definitely worth checking.