BEAU Pizza & Bagels

20th September 2021
Branching out from their French bakery roots, BEAU explores New York classics and adds a little bit of attitude through their sourdough-based picks at BEAU Pizza & Bagels.

Every city has its own set of staple delicacies that forge the experience for people passing through. For New York, many would say it’s pizza and bagels. And in the case of BEAU Pizza & Bagels, the fond memories of enjoying these signature treats while growing up in the Big Apple drove BEAU co-founder Ian Chin to steer local bakery BEAU to a whole new ballgame with their dough.

Located in North Kemang, the newly opened BEAU Pizza & Bagels situates itself within an intimate space inspired by late ‘70s to early ‘80s New York-style delis and with lively orange hues dominating the setup. Behind the tall counter, their menu is displayed from wall to wall. It boasts classic, unpretentious selections which mirror the founders’ vision of serving food that they love without giving in to trends. Of course, true to BEAU’s flair, they made it their own by keeping sourdough as the focus. Here, all their range, from pizza, bagels, to sandwiches are handmade using Chin’s well-traveled 10-year-old starter.

Honouring the new establishment’s name, BEAU delivers their time-honed expertise into their pizza and bagels. Their addictingly crunchy pizza crust provides a base for a nice crossover between the Neapolitan and New York-style pie, while their bagels are light and chewy without being exhaustingly so. That said, don’t give the sandwiches a pass—especially the NYC Reuben & Rye, which stacks heapful slices of corned beef and fresh, zesty pickles. Combined with a nice cold glass of Arnold Palmer or a soothing dose of Chai Latte, you have yourself a satisfying meal.

A lot of love goes into the making of BEAU Pizza & Bagels, and it can be felt through the eatery’s wholesome charm and handmade delights. Be it travellers who seek to relive their memories abroad, or youngsters who would like to try out the dishes in their favourite New York City flick, everybody might find something that would keep them coming back.