Bang Anen 999

11th June 2024
Since the early 2000s, dinner at Bang Anen 999 has promised a hearty, warming meal of Betawi-style mutton dishes to the evening crowd of RS. Fatmawati Street.

Visit enough street food stalls in the city and one would soon figure out that consistency of flavours goes a long way in maintaining the loyal patronage of the urbanites. Bang Anen 999, which has been serving its Betawi-style mutton dishes to the evening bustle of RS. Fatmawati Street since the early 2000s, is one such story.

Against the backdrop of the setting sun, the street food stall across SMA Cenderawasih 1 secondary school pops to one’s attention thanks to its massive, bright orange tarp that covers the main kitchen area. Under its roof, tables wrapped in matching orange circle the station where multiple cooks can be spotted preparing cuts of mutton, sorting vegetables and spices and stirring a slow-cooked broth for the soup.

While the business was first founded in 1985 by the eponymous Bang Anen in Glodok, many would agree that this second branch on RS. Fatmawati Street is its more successful sequel, earning a spot on many recommendation lists among those living around the area.

“You get a wider array of customers here. Some come from around the neighbourhood, but many also pass by this place on their way home, especially with the [Haji Nawi] MRT station nearby,” shared Ipay, one of Bang Anen’s nephews responsible for the running of the branch. Indeed, looking around the premises, one is likely to spot a mixed batch of middle-aged men in their office wear, an elderly couple on a dinner date to a group of young patrons sharing dishes among themselves.

Dinner here promises a hearty, warming meal, fueled by generous portions of mutton dishes designed for sharing. The soup, in particular, takes the spotlight. Over the years, the stall has adhered to Bang Anen’s original recipe, blending bone broth with full cream milk to create a creamy base for tender mutton cuts, trotters or beef. Juicy slices of tomato add a bright note to the dish, whereas a small dollop of ghee (clarified butter) further infuses a savoury layer to it.

With the option of mutton or beef satay to add to the equation, a satisfying meal at Bang Anen 999 offers an evening delight that—while not exactly fit for the most significant of milestones and occasions—makes a suitable match for life’s everyday victories. Whether to close a long day of work or celebrate a reunion with longtime friends, found here is the inimitable comfort of simple, familiar flavours.