Bakso Akiaw 99

28th January 2016
There’s a reason why Bakso Akiaw 99, originally from Medan, boasts five outlets in Jakarta and is regularly packed with loyal patrons. They are just that good.

If this is your first time checking out the famous beef meatball soup of Bakso Akiaw 99, it is recommended to head to their first outlet in Mangga Besar. For the chaotic street scene and the presence of locals digging into their meals next to you somehow boost the dining experience here.

The selection of meal is easy and straightforward. Pick your choice of noodle (mie/noodle, bihun/vermicelli, kwetiau/flat noodle), then your preferred types of meatballs (be it beef, bakso urat/beef tendon or fish meatballs). In addition, you can also opt to have your meal either dry or in soup, as well as adding more toppings like shank and offal.

As confusing as that may, such permutation allows you to customise the meal your way. Those who are up to the challenge could always come back again and try them in various forms. Still, the icing on the cake is the generous servings of cilantro leaves, chopped spring onions and bean sprouts to add more texture and flavours to the meatball soup.

Though the establishment is lacking in the ventilation department, one can easily combat it with cold drinks like Aloe Vera and Liang Teh (Chinese herbal tea). But that aside, there’s nothing like a hot comforting bowl of beef soup to end your long demanding weekday.