Bakmie Sui-Sen

13th February 2020
Bakmie Sui-Sen in Pasar Baru is yet another joint that the elder generations frequent for the nostalgia and younger ones for the authentic flavours that have been served for over 40 years.

No matter where you go, a quick bowl of bakmi is never far. Whether as a simple meal or late-night craving, there are many places in the city ready to cater to your needs, each with their own specialties. In Pasar Baru, a simple visit to this part of the city is not complete without checking out Bakmie Sui-Sen, a classic hideaway full of old favourite Chinese-Indonesian dishes. 

At first glance, Bakmie Sui-Sen merely dominates a corner among the stores in Plaza Metro Atom Pasar Baru, but wafting smell of bakmi easily fills the air long before you notice the humble venue. With their enticing racks of pork on display, patrons are sure to begin their journey of authentic dishes dating back over 40 years. In a communal dining space, the long tables are set for visitors to enjoy mealtime shoulder-to-shoulder with friends and fellow visitors.

A menu that spans two generations, there are many favourites that one can choose from. Naturally, bakmi takes the spotlight, but even the rice options are enticing. Sui-Sen’s version of Nasi Campur Hainam brings a sweet burst of flavour with their sweet buttered rice and various pork cuts. As for the mainstays, the Bakmi Babi Pangsit should do the trick; from its light yet rich broth to its scrumptious wontons, down to its pork toppings, this calls for a bowl of simple goodness. To round off your meal, their freshly fried gorengan, like Pangsit Goreng (fried dumplings) or Bakso Goreng (fried meatballs), is a hit alongside a glass of iced tea. 

Though bakmi can be found anywhere, there’s great admiration for those, like Bakmie Sui-Sen, who have kept to their roots even with the change of time for a timeless dish that found success with many generations of its enthusiasts.