Bakmi Karet Foek

30th December 2013
For the past half decade, Mr and Mrs. Foek have raised the bar when it comes to the simple but well-loved Bakmi Karet in Kelapa Gading.

Knowing that you’ll be digging into a bowl of noodle named after rubber, Bakmi Karet as they call it, is not an appealing image. But give this a benefit of doubt, for this is not just any ordinary Bakmi Karet. After all, it is the one and only Bakmi Karet Foek.

This modest establishment is started by a couple of husband and wife from Medan, who simply goes by Mr. and Mrs. Foek. Though the noodle is thicker and tougher, it is in fact, more flavourful than the ordinary ones. It’s important to point out that the noodles in Bakmi Karet Foek are handmade and as such the rough texture of the noodle allows it to ‘catch’ the seasonings much better.

As a result, through the continual chewing, one will be able to better appreciate the light seasonings on the noodle. Equally interesting is its fried dumpling with a size as large as one’s face. Break it and mix it into the noodle for an extra tang or simply enjoy the crispiness by eating it as it is.

Though the establishment is simple and modest, don’t let its appearance fool you. Bakmi Karet Foek is well known around its area and opens its door from 5.30am for those nearby residents who often visit after their morning exercise. Be prepared to receive a queue number if you’re visiting during the weekend. But for those who are looking to soak up that touch of familiar homey neighbourhood, it is worth the wait.