13th October 2014
With fresh and quality breakfast, Baconerie easily converts the grumpiest individuals into morning people. So now if you want to start your day great, you know where to go.

It’s hard to be morning people. Not only you have to contend with the lack of sleep but also the high possibility of eating terrible breakfast. But, if there is one cure or one solution to convert everyone into a cheerful morning people, it is Baconerie.

Embedded in the middle of the row of shophouses in Benda Street, Baconerie has become a favourite spot where customers come for fresh and quality breakfast. Everything is made from scratch here, from their sausages, bacons, scones to their sauces.

As with any establishment, it is highly recommended to go with selections that feature their own name on it, such as Baconerie Platter or Baconerie Burger. The former is a generous and hearty plate of breakfast (scrambled egg, sausages, bacons, mushrooms and breads) so delicious that it is unlikely that there will be any leftover. The latter comes with a big and juicy beef patty that will satisfy any burger enthusiasts. Of course, it wouldn’t be complete without a glass of fresh orange juice to wash all of that down.

One can’t help but to marvel at the level of freshness and the subtle sophistication at the way the foods are handled. They appear to be so modest yet packed with serious flavours at every bite. You would be forgiven to think that there is a farm just right behind the kitchen.

The space is compact and sits no more than 20 customers. However, the close proximity to counter and the kitchen induces an effect of being at a close acquaintance‘s dwelling – the clinking of glasses, the sound of ice being scooped and the smell of melted butter wafting out from the kitchen.

Owner, Sheila, and her friend Fitri are both jovial and affable hosts of Baconerie. All of this adds up to an unforgettable experience that warms your thoughts and palate for the rest of the day. In short, it is a splendid way to start the day.