Ayam Malaya Menteng

1st April 2014
When it comes to popular street food like Ayam Malaya, it really doesn't matter how simple it is as long as it's done well.

It is pretty amusing and gratifying to know that when it comes to popular street food, it doesn’t matter how simple a dish is as long as it is done well. One of such examples can be found in Menteng where Ayam Malaya is located.

The modest establishment is extremely popular with young adults. In fact, the small group of stalls is simply referred to as Ayam Malaya “eatery”. Perhaps, it is to allow easy recognition of the establishment – even if the rest of the stalls do not offer Ayam Malaya in their menu. The latter is a simple dish of boneless chicken fillet deep fried with flour and served in a clear condiment soup.

It is thanks to the condiment soup – part sweet, part sour with a tinge of spiciness, which elevates the taste of Ayam Malaya. In fact, it sharpens the appetite. Don’t worry if Ayam Malaya alone is not enough to satisfy your big appetite. Similarly popular is their Gohiong – deep fried meatballs likewise served in clear condiment soup. Alternatively, opt for fried rice to complement Ayam Malaya instead of the usual steamed rice.

Make sure to visit early, especially during weekend, to avoid disappointment from not being able to get a seat. But, forget about dropping by this establishment when it’s raining, unless getting drench while eating is your thing.