Ayam Goreng Presto Cipete

17th December 2018
Ayam Goreng Presto Cipete remains a familiar face in the Cipete neighbourhood for a reason: it is well-loved for its namesake Ayam Presto, which recipe has been passed down in the family for over three decades.

A flavoursome deep-fried chicken served alongside a warm bed of rice and the Indonesian-style vegetable salad (or known as lalapan) has long been a treasured local culinary favourite and considered a staple too; found in timeless restaurants or street food carts.

Ayam Goreng Presto Cipete falls into the former. Since 1986, the family-owned eatery has been welcoming nearby residents of Cipete to indulge in its handful choices of straightforward comfort food. The recipes were whipped up by Ibu Bertha Hartina, a matriarch in love with her kitchen. This astounding passion for cooking has brought into existence the said restaurant in Cipete, where it is now helmed by Hartina’s great-granddaughter, Endang.

For generations, the family holds true to the original recipes, especially the eatery’s famed Ayam Presto whose techniques have been perfected over the years. To reach a certain tenderness, selected free-range chickens (ayam kampung) are marinated in rich spices, then cooked in the “presto” pressure cooker – thus, earning its moniker ayam presto. With this said, it’s really a no-brainer once you’re here; it is imperative to go for the Ayam Presto and have that with the accompanying sambal to jolt your senses.

And while you’re there be sure to pair the dish with a plateful of Semarang’s classics such as Bakwan Udang, Tahu Pong, and Sayur Asem for a satisfying lunch with a traditional kick. While it is to no one’s surprise that its homestyle Ayam Presto is the star that draws visitors back, some of their local fares such as Gado-Gado and Soto Kudus are apparently popular among diners too.

The city’s local eateries may be at its most abundant. However, despite the flourishing amount of coffee shops and eateries that come and go in Cipete, Ayam Goreng Presto Cipete survives with only a limited amount of fares and remains a comforting face in the thriving neighbourhood.