atmos pink

14th July 2022
Catering to the brand’s female following, atmos pink, an offshoot of authoritative Japanese streetwear boutique atmos, settled into its first home outside Japan in Grand Indonesia with a curated collection of limited-edition sneakers and streetwear fits.

With its 22-year-long history and globally famous collaborations like the Nike Air Max 1 “Safari”, any certified sneakerhead would be familiar with the name atmos. Stretching its influence wider, the Japan-based sneaker boutique launched atmos pink in 2018 to cater to its female following with a curation of limited-edition sneakers and streetwear fits that are well-loved in the Tokyo scene. Fast forward to 2022, atmos pink opens its first ever store outside of Japan at the heart of Jakarta in Grand Indonesia.

Located on Sky Bridge level 2 amongst other sneaker-focused stores, detecting the new atmos pink store is a breezy task due to its striking presence. Fittingly designed by Agatha Carolina of Bitte Design Studio alongside an all-female team, the ‘pink’ here sets a commanding tone, revealing the brand’s playful and bold character through feminine features such as tinted glass, embossed carpets, and velvet touches, all enveloped within the store’s neon pink walls. Meanwhile, wafting from the speakers, selected tunes from DJ Bergas enhance the mood with a series of catchy tracks.

Collections range from the usual suspects such as Nike, Jordans and New Balance, to the in-store exclusive running shoes from the Swiss brand, On. Limited-edition collaboration pieces including the football-focused PUMA x Liberty and the ANNA SUI x atmos unisex range are also displayed on the metal racks, the latter boasting the fashion label’s signature patterns printed on a series of cushions, tracksuits and t-shirts. Indeed, while there’s a feminine emphasis to its curation, atmos pink isn’t meant to be exclusive to women—anyone can find something that they like here (as long as they can find their size).

Back at atmos pink’s Tokyo and Osaka stores—from the Harajuku flagship to the Shibuya and Shinsaibashi outlet—a dedicated space for dancing is always present, be it in the form of a studio or a dance floor; there, they would host workshops by inviting dancers and choreographers as well as other related activities. Following its lead, the Jakarta store faithfully brings in this concept by installing a multifunctional space or a dance floor, complete with an eye-catching, wall-to-wall digital screen displaying motion graphics in pink hues.

Whether to use the space for dancing as intended or just to snap a photo or two for the feed, comers are free to choose as they please. After all, the atmos brand has always vouched for people to freely express themselves, be it through their ensemble or interaction with one another, and atmos pink expands that further with what they have in store.