Babi Panggang Atek

18th December 2014
Safe to say, Atek Roast Pork Rice is easily one of the best place to satisfy one’s craving for pork in Jakarta.

Pork is typically hard to find in Jakarta, especially when most of its inhabitants are muslims. But if one has to name one of the best spot to satisfy their cravings for pork, Atek Roast Pork Rice will easily win the vote.

While the modest Chinese eatery also serves variety of Chinese cuisine, the establishment is better known for its signature juicy roast pork. In fact, the eatery hangs those thick and inviting slabs of pork near their entrance like proud badge. if you’re here mainly for their pork, then your choice is easy. It is to either have them with plain or Hainanese chicken rice. The dish comes in a set of roast pork, grilled chicken, braised egg along with a bowl of sour vegetables soup.

The portion may not be much for those with big appetite. But, for what it’s worth, what it lacks in portion is made up with their delicious and quality pork. After all, once in awhile, it is perfectly fine to help yourself to another extra serving, especially when it comes to famous roast pork rice of Atek.