Arjuna Café and Photo Studio

20th May 2015
Quality time with friends is a key to a productive week. Look no further this weekend than Arjuna Café and have your hangout time in this photogenic place.

Living up to its mission of bringing people to bond over comfort food, Arjuna Café comes with a design so retro you would think you’re stepping back in time. Since the café culture in Jakarta has become more commonplace, Arjuna Café and Photo Studio have distinguished themselves with a concept of novelty, premarital photos.

Catering to the so-called “Instagram generation,” Arjuna Café desires to contribute to your pictures by providing an exclusive setting. The unfinished wall in the café is integrated with antiques displayed in some corners. Teddy Lim, the owner, explained, “We applied three cultural mixtures based on Indonesian history. We have adapted a lot of the colonialism period, Peranakan Chinese and Javanese styles.” Teddy’s vision is to have various photo worthy spots in the café where one can snap just about anywhere and be guaranteed many likes for their post.

Tucked in the corner of Wijaya Timur just beside Tarakanita School, Arjuna Café also delivers creative ideas through their interesting menu. From Ayam Kremes Gemes, Nasi Gotut Kece to Mie Banjir, you will find simple homestyle dishes behind these catchy menu names. The talk of the city, however, is Pisang Bakar Panah Asmara that is too flirtatious to handle.

The spacious rustic place is also the perfect area for those who have been dying to have a chat with a friend. Whether you want to talk about the new sci-fi movie or spill all details about your recent date, Arjuna Café’s relaxed environment would make you want to lounge around for hours with your favourite crew. No wonder jazz singer Andien Aisyah and her husband love this café so much that they decided to have one of their wedding celebrations here.

If it’s your first time learning about Arjuna Cafe, wait no longer to pay a visit. You don’t need to worry about what to wear or how to strike a pose because it is almost impossible to have unsatisfying photos in this café.