Ageless Galaxy

28th October 2020
Expanding their venture into retail, Jakarta-based fashion and lifestyle label Ageless Galaxy welcomes the touchdown of their flagship store in Bangka Raya where the sleek, minimalist streetwear haven meets curated lifestyle goods by local and international brands.

The Jakarta-based streetwear label Ageless Galaxy has amplified their presence with their newly launched flagship store. Unlike the conventional retail boutiques, the brand, founded by Giorgi Krisno and Tamish Aswani in 2013, aims to make their new home a community hub for the city’s lifestyle buffs, ever-embracing the subculture of streetwear while keeping them close-knitted.

With the label’s venturous concept of outer space refined basics, as seen in their items that exhibit bold colours and visual cues reminiscent of the cosmic, one would expect their flagship to boast the same impression. Instead, the shop in Jl. Bangka Raya trots out a sleek and glassy appearance without eliminating their striking identity. By steering away from the matter-of-course styles and aesthetic of streetwear, AGLXY has proven a successful drift through retaining a unique identity that made them a sought-after brand in the local streetwear scene.

Inclusive of both local and international brands, the retail store goes to great lengths in introducing the culture of streetwear and lifestyle beyond the archipelago, and one would be mistaken to think that fashion apparels are the only thing up for grabs here. Featuring local skincare brand Oaken Lab to the most updated lifestyle books and magazines like streetwear bible All Gone (written by French streetwear documentarian Michael Dupouy), Highsnobiety’s HIGHStyle to stylish cookbook by Chicken and Charcoal, AGLXY espouses the melting pot of today’s lifestyle and street culture within their first offline store.

But apart from the supplemental goods that stretch from coffee table books to collectables, the showstopper remains the fashion goods from the label’s recent collections, namely their latest capsule Pod Collection 012 and their collaboration with illustrator James Dalek. The repertoire also includes Sole_Architects, a French-based footwear brand proudly produced in Indonesia, and Dutch’s famous streetwear label Patta.

Bringing finely curated streetwear fashion houses under one roof, AGLXY’s flagship is a small gem worth the visit for those coveting streetwear releases or looking to dabble into streetwear for a wardrobe update.