7 Speed Coffee Panglima Polim

31st May 2021
Seven Speed Coffee branches out to the Panglima Polim neighbourhood, hauling in their excellent coffee and exclusive brunch selections to the excitement of the city’s cycling communities and more.

Old, coveted neighbourhoods like Dharmawangsa are slowly undergoing a landscape change. While some of the mansions leave us daydreaming, some are being turned into a different kind of home to a segment of Jakartans. A case in point would be Seven Speed Coffee, a regular pitstop for cycling communities who found a second home at the heart of the neighbourhood within a charming two-storey, old-fashioned house.

Revamped into a lovely corner, the newfound space attracts frequenters who love the slow treatment of a wholesome morning routine.

The blueprint of the original house is preserved here, together with an outdoor space with gravel floorings and walls that accentuate the antiquated feeling of home. The warm atmosphere of being at home is inescapable; for example, seats are sequestered around the house, at the terrace, by the coffee bar, or past their sliding doors to a spacious backyard — a no-brainer spot for those who opt to lounge in groups. The establishment’s new dwelling breathes in an airy environment that best starts any morning. Marry that with Seven Speed’s youthful allure, poppy art and printed photographs adorning the walls, and this becomes a charming home where the old meets new.

Though known for their caffeine boost like the White Fuel (their version of Kopi Susu), their brunch selections take centre stage here. Start your day with the Tasty French Butt(French vanilla cream and cinnamon syrup on peanut butter toast). Then, make room for some mouthwatering options, a toss-up between their hearty Dikembe x Mietombo (Hong Kong-inspired fried noodles with mushroom and grilled shoyu chicken), or the piquant Spanky Sticky Rice (fried chicken drenched in brown sticky sauce over rice). A perfect refreshment for the dishes is their signature coffee mocktail, Concoction No. 18(a blend of espresso, tropical fruit, and tonic water), a fizzy tropical drink to punch the city’s heat.

While trendier areas in Jakarta continue to flourish as a point of interest for F&B, many turn to find a different ambiance by giving new colours to the city’s old quarters — underscoring timelessness through each of their unique traits. Thanks to coffee and brunch places like Seven Speed, Panglima Polim now burgeons with a new landscape that calls many excitements. And with the establishment’s fresh offerings and its consistency in what they present, Seven Speed is arguably one step ahead of the rest unready to forgo the old hype.