36 Home Cult

29th September 2023
It’s easy to get carried away by the homey and creative synergy brewing at 36 Home Cult in Cilandak, a café, office, and an R&D space all in one.

Is it a café? An office? An R&D space? Stepping into 36 Home Cult will remind you once again that there’s no difference these days. Co-founded by award-winning barista Muhammad Aga, the home on Cereme Street in Cilandak started as an office compound where Aga and his longtime creative friends could work and create under the same roof.

In one corner of the room is the R&D space of Coldheart BEC (Beverages Exploration Club), Aga’s cocktail bar venture that makes experimental drinks with an exploration of locally sourced ingredients. Near the entrance is the office of Madera, an F&B development consultant who also developed the dishes and drinks in the space. In another corner is Hands coffee roastery, and a design studio on the second floor. A creative lab, if you will.

Set up like a living room with green floor tiles, mismatched fixtures and scatters of prints captured by photographer Alain Goenawan (who doubles as the resident music selector), the environment is a nice substitute for the commonly static workplace. And whether you’re paying a visit to dine in, or getting a coffee fix while working, you are most likely at the centre of a creative process in the making with ideas flowing from one corner to the other. 

“At 36, from food, and drinks to merchandise are developed by the businesses we have here,” said Pugi Pamuga, one of the co-founders. The classic tiramisu, which has become their star menu today, is reinterpreted by soaking the ladyfingers in Ethiopia Guji Hembela coffee, resulting in a bittersweet with a hint of floral aftertaste. Those who simply come for the coffee would also delight in their espresso-based lineup, matcha creations and competition-grade brews—granted, you’re in safe hands.

Whether it’s a roaster doing a quality check, a group from Madera exchanging their ideas over a cuppa, or a mixologist from Coldheart experimenting with their new drink creation, it’s easy to get carried away by the homey and creative synergy brewing at 36 Home Cult.