At the ZODIAC House

By Erdira Wirengjurit
17th January 2019
A concept bar and mini nightclub by Pleasure collective, ZODIAC aces the art of throwing unapologetically frisky soirées in its similarly gaudy and leopard-print-ridden den.

Bright red walls, leopard prints and loud graphics – sounds ostentatious, but in their own right, ZODIAC made it work to their perk. This bar-slash-nightclub on Senopati Street is Pleasure’s (a Jakarta-based art, fashion and music collective) first solid venture in Jakarta’s nightlife business. In other words, an establishment for the cool kids by the cool kids.

Indeed, all about ZODIAC’s spirit runs through this mini nightclub: clean and polished on the façade, ZODIAC is contrastingly erratic inside the walls as the night dawns on the city. Beyond the peculiar choice of aesthetic, it is just as much about the jams and tunes being jockeyed every night of the week, themed with a different genre every time. Have a zest for jazz? Then perhaps Tuesday night is your calling to ZODIAC. What of disco and pop? That’s for Thursdays.

Though, one may like to take note of the flow here. While weeknights run mellow and ideal for casual drinks, the partying crowd will not shy from dominating the weekends, dancing ‘til the wee hours of the night. For which, ZODIAC comes prepared with their tight selection of booze to escort the occasion.

Kept straightforward, the bar serves all sorts of liquors by the bottle and glass. Still, one should go for the Japanese highballs and cocktails for their potent simplicity. Skim the list, and you will want to sip on the Jasmine Hi, Orange Cassis or Umeshu Soda. Fret not over the case of mid-party hunger, you’re in Senopati where a plethora of eateries is ready to fix your cravings.

It’s worth noting that the venue dedicates a permanent retail exhibition space at the entrance where Pleasure invites creatives to showcase their talents in music, fashion and art. Between this and their knack for throwing frisky soirées, kudos to ZODIAC for landing a gig that appeals to today’s youth.