Take a Sip in Dirty Laundry

by Julius Kensan
28th July 2017
Everyone loves to be in on a secret and the same goes at speakeasy bar Dirty Laundry, where you get to down cocktails and, if you wish, share hearsay.

Dirty Laundry may be a speakeasy bar, but it’s really not that hard to get hold of it if you were to pay close attention. Unlike other speakeasy in the city, Dirty Laundry doesn’t mind putting up its sign at the entrance. That is if you venture deep into Fairgrounds building. But there’s a much better way to access Dirty Laundry.

Sharing its location with Bottega Ristorante, Dirty Laundry is divided only by a retractable wall. Inside, the establishment feels like an extension of Bottega Ristorante. Since the contrast is not jarring at all, first timer would be forgiven for thinking Dirty Laundry is a private room for the VIP in the restaurant.

Dirty Laundry caters to both who come in big group or small squad of friends. While it’s tempting to opt for bottle of, say, whisky to share among friends, it pays to try on their house cocktails too. For example, the bold flavours of Old Cuban is the result from the infusion with cigars. Don’t fret, there are also cocktails that are lighter in flavours, such as Nuts & Spring and Bee’s Knees.  But don’t be mistaken, down them too fast and you’ll find it hard to stay sober for long.

The close atmosphere definitely encourages interactions. Drop by during the weekend and it is packed with crowds whiling the night away, surrounded by chatters that filled up the space. Given such circumstances, don’t be surprised to find yourself suddenly moved to indulge in somebody else’s dirty laundry.