Pasar Ragam: Sustaining Our Mother Earth

23rd March 2015
Pasar Ragam introduced the healthiest and most organic ways of living everyday life in Jakarta. Here’s a recap of what went through on Sunday.

The sun, indeed, had no mercy upon anyone on Sunday. However, as if oblivion to the ruthless heat of the sun, people thronged to Pasar Ragam for a picnic under the sun. Pasar Ragam is an indie market of all things local and, most importantly, organic and eco-friendly goods.

Initiated by Songolas and Burgreens, this market featured local brand products such as fresh produce (organic vegetables and fruits), handmade recycled bags, eco-friendly makeups, and of course, healthy grubs such as guilt-free chocolate cake and burger (Burgreens).

Sustaining our planet will only succeed if one wants to pay it forward. As such, Pasar Ragam opened up a free gardening class and also, yoga class to help visitors be in sync with Mother Earth. What a healthy and holistic way to round up the weekend.