The New Lucy in the Sky

by Pingkan Palilingan
11th November 2016
Lucy in the Sky's refurbished look assures a fun night filled with cocktails and hearty food, under a glass roof in a bohemian-inspired setting.

The city of Jakarta is dotted with bars, but only a few that offer glasshouse concept such as Lucy in the Sky. As one of the established players in Jakarta, Lucy in the Sky is no longer a stranger to most of Jakarta’s night owls. But the bar’s recent refurbishment? Now that’s something new.

The new Lucy promises party and drinks beneath the moonlight, under the shelter of a glass roof, in the midst of Jakarta’s central business district. Decked out in bohemian-inspired setting with eclectic choices of upcycled furniture (the likes of which you would find in your grandmother’s house), Lucy fits the bill nicely for a laidback night filled with pleasant drinks and flowing conversation. The hanging potted plants offer fresh sight to those who have grown tired of the city’s skyscrapers, and for a drink with the late night breeze, there’s an open terrace at the back.

Kicking off its operation at 4pm, Lucy’s list of drinks goes on tirelessly to keep you entertained all the way after midnight. One may want to start with its martini, for instance, their popular Tropical Martini and Peach Breeze. Non-alcohol drinkers, don’t lose heart, you can opt for Strawberry Marshmallow, a sweet and sour mocktail to freshen up humid night.

The selection of food is concise and focused, implying that the establishment prefers to stick to what they do best when it comes to food. The favourites are obviously their barbecued and grilled fares, such as Pork Belly ‘Babi Guling’ that is paired with sambal matah and Spicy Sunbathing Prawn that kicks the palate with its curry leaves and lime. Meanwhile, lighter options like Curly Kale Salad and curly fries would provide enough crunch to go with your cocktail.

Overall, a night out at Lucy feels just right for those looking for a fun, relaxed spot to unwind that doesn’t feel claustrophobic. Though Lucy in the Sky is not exactly perched high up in the stratosphere, with a new makeover, their appeal has undeniably soared.