Under the LIME LightBar

by Dini Adanurani
9th June 2023
The eclectic LIME LightBar on the second floor of Fairgrounds SCBD charms with its twofold ambience, selection of tequila-based cocktails and curation of house disco.

The late afternoon light bounces off the electric lime green floor and holographic lounge sofas through the skylight, making the colours even more striking. As the afternoon folds into the night, the shift in ambience becomes palpable with neon blue hues glowing across the room and the gleams of the disco ball heightening the atmosphere. 

This twofold ambience is what sets LIME LightBar in Fairgrounds SCBD apart, accommodating the day-to-night transition with such flair. Designer Thomas Hardian summarised the concept in three words: fresh, modern and colourful. “We chose the lime green floor to represent freshness, the silver lounge sofas to represent modernity, and the light panels to represent colourfulness,” he shared.

Within the futuristic space, LIME LightBar reveals itself as a tequila bar, highlighting the drink’s versatility through the lineup of tropical cocktails. There is the fruity Aphrodite, which has Campari, grapefruit and lime mixed into its skull-shaped mug; and also the sweet Bonita with butterscotch, apple and lemon juice and egg white—a worthy pick for those who favour creamy drinks. While staple bar snacks like the Nachos Platter, garnished with grated cheese and green salsa along with a beef dip sauce, to their lineup of tacos make for a great drinking companion. 

Despite only having been open for a little more than a month, the bar has already gathered quite a crowd. On weekdays, customers clad in workwear from the surrounding business district usually start to pour in around 8 pm, switching deadlines for tipples. Approaching the weekends, some even stop by as early as 4 pm to catch the place for fun afternoon cocktail gatherings in a sunlit setting. 

Adding to the place’s eclectic mix is the signature selection of casual house disco beats curated by music director Theo Radennata. Whether one prefers to let loose under the spinning disco ball or delve into heated conversations on the luminous lounge sofas, tunes glide with ease and the night flows smoothly under the limelight.