Life’s All Beer Garden and Skittles

by Julius Kensan
24th January 2015
Beer Garden’s fourth branch in the busy intersection of Radio Dalam is a cool spot for after-work drink with stylish company.

Traffic jam remains as one of the most undesirable aspects of Jakarta. The thought of facing a swarm of cars during evening peak hours is definitely not a commotion most people look forward to.

Located in the busy intersection of Radio Dalam, Beer Garden allows frustrated individuals a spot to wait the traffic out while kicking it back with booze. The large open-air space stood in contrast to the almost claustrophobic clamour of the road.

Beer Garden got all the recipes down for a fun night out: music, food and booze, plenty of booze. It’s no brainer to go for beer in this establishment but for something out of the usual routine, go for their cocktails. If you’re not sure where to start, just opt for their monthly cocktail highlight. The establishment also provides western fares, from small bites to a la carte servings, so that you won’t be downing all that alcohol on empty stomach.

Sometimes, one could hear loud honking from short-tempered driver coming from the road. To some, it’s an irksome noise. But to the rest, it could very well be music to the ear knowing that they’re in a much better place than those who are stuck in traffic.