A KODA Finale

by Erdira Wirengjurit
5th August 2020
Helmed by mixologist Yutaka Nakashima, the experience of bespoke hand-concocted cocktails makes KODA, a speakeasy bar in Sudirman, the ideal finale to end any day on a high note.

In music theory, a coda is the tail of a musical piece with a masterful arrangement that will draw the audience into a standing ovation. Inspired by this philosophy, KODA, a quiet bar in Sudirman, arrived to give your night an eloquent finale with masterfully handcrafted cocktails.

This speakeasy bar with flairs to flaunt isn’t on high grounds to be noticeable. But find the right door, and it’s a warm and handsome welcome greeting you. The pad is dark yet gallant in a dapper-kind-of-way with none of the menaces and a showy bar of a hundred liquor bottles awaits, but not just for the show—behind the bar is a mixologist and head bartender Yutaka Nakashima (who previously helmed d’Classic with his world-class cocktails), likely in the middle of his cocktail concocting.

Without the pressure to know your tipple, the experience at KODA will help explore your boozy inclination. The concept of bespoke cocktails hand-crafted by the master himself offers patrons the liberty to express their liking and be surprised at the hands of Yutaka-san, as he is familiarly called. A bartender will ask your preference: a base to start, a taste you seek, and a style to down. Then, Yutaka-san will expertly interpret them into a cocktail just for you. 

If KODA’s bespoke experience takes after an elaborate musical coda, then the classic libations offer a no-fuss affair. Here, even staples like Gin & Tonic are crafted to a perfect balance. Other signatures serve classic-inspired cocktails with twists using local ingredients like gula jawa, tea, coffee and lemongrass. From the collection of beautifully-crafted cocktails, one is made aware of Yutaka-san’s honest talent and he will gladly share his wisdom if you strike the conversation first.

Aptly named, KODA offers a place to end the night on a harmoniously high note for patrons who fancy the gallantry of crafted cocktails and laidback after-work drinks to melt all the tensions of a long day.