Above & Beyond at K22

by Pingkan Palilingan
27th November 2015
With its prime location in Senayan area, K22 carries the mood of a rooftop bar on the 22nd level of Fairmont Hotel Jakarta.

Remember the time where you need to check the weather forecast before heading straight to the nearest rooftop bars for after-work drinks? Not only it is bothersome, but also the fastest way to ruin your night once the forecast shows “high chance of rain tonight”.

Occupying the 22nd floor of Fairmont Hotel Jakarta is K22, a semi-rooftop bar where you don’t have to worry about the inclement weather ruining your excursion. Smack-bang in Senayan area, K22 is an alternative to rooftop bar that still carries the similar mood: a sweeping view of Jakarta’s skyline combined with the continuous flow of Jakarta’s fresh afternoon breeze (plus, the prime 22nd floor location means that you are way higher from the source of noise pollution). The capacious area provides plenty of seats for one to choose, with the view of our city’s glimmering lights – framed by floor-to-ceiling glass-free windows – easily observed from any spots in the establishment.

Offering a handful of cocktail varieties with other alcoholic drink options, it is clear that the main star here – aside from their winning establishment – is their innovative tapas. Selections abound from the reinterpretation of foie gras (foie gras mochi with pineapple marmalade and mushroom powder) to nose-to-tail, a beef platter that incorporates cow’s nose-to-tail parts (ox tongue, bone marrow, ribs, and tail).

As the evening progresses, the only sources of light from the establishment are the dimly-lit table lamps and the LED colour-changing bar that makes for a delightful view to watch as you settle in your seat. Still, there is nothing like the bird’s-eye view of Jakarta to end the night.