Escape to HAVANA

by Erdira Wirengjurit
6th February 2018
There’s a new addition in town and it’s Cuban-inspired. The name is HAVANA, and it takes you back to Cuba’s golden days where the patrons know how to play with class.

HAVANA is an ode to the old time capital city of Cuba when it was once the luxury escapade for visitors seeking opulence in the tropics. Even though the establishment isn’t actually sitting in the streets of Cuba, you will be pleased with the vibe it has to offer. Privately nestled in Pondok Indah Street Gallery, HAVANA delivers a sentiment of exclusivity from the moment you step in.

One could say that HAVANA is a speakeasy because the establishment has access by private lift only. Beyond the glass door will reveal a sumptuous venue designed with high ceilings and tall windows where daylight gracefully illuminates the place. In the main atrium sits the lounging area where patrons can choose between a bourgeois dining area or the VIP booths. The further back of the room houses a bar with rows and rows of liquor, complete with tall chairs to rest on while watching your poison being crafted, be it the signatures such as “House Havana”, or the classics.

But if you desire more privacy, the stairs will lead you to an exclusive interior balcony with a smaller dining area overlooking the lower floor plan. The interior of the establishment is beautifully tied by the woodsy element that embody Havana’s affluence circa 1950s.

Talking about affluence, HAVANA prides itself on offering a far-ranging selection of whiskey from all corners of the world that you can enjoy as you’re entertained by music performances when the night settles. And if cigars are up your alley, HAVANA can get you one of those bad boys too for that quintessential Cuban experience, but with lavish spending.

Food-wise, HAVANA’s menu mirrors the eclectic nature of Cuban cuisine. Indeed, as Cuba was historically a treasured spot for European nations to conquer, its cuisine naturally combines French and Spanish elements that you’d love to indulge on. “Arroz Verde” and “Ropa Vieja” are few of the dishes that embody the fusion gastronomy. Elsewhere, their tapas like “Basura Wings” are good for sharing.

Above all, HAVANA is a luscious establishment to frequent if unwinding with good food and drinks is what you fancy at the end of the week. And with the venue’s enclosed intimate space, don’t be surprised if you lose track of time.