The Duck Down Pizza Party

by Erdira Wirengjurit
26th April 2019
Same dive-bar concept but with a slight twist from its first branch, Duck Down Pizza Party pairs up rad-food and music for a loud night out in Kemang.

It’s time to set aside all formalities, Duck Down has headed down south with a party to plan. This dive bar concept from Biko Group first took over the nightlife scene with its unleashed live karaoke sessions that leave us with a heck of a time to remember and a raspy voice the next morning. This time around, the reckless bar and karaoke are pairing up with rad food for a pizza party down in Kemang.

It’s the same audacious persona that’ll greet you inside, the unmistakeable Duck Down with poster-strewn walls flailing that notoriously grungy-self. While all too familiar, this one tones it down to make place for the food. Like the name suggests, it’s a pizza party waiting to be celebrated in this dive bar.

Chef Bjorn Shen hailing from Singapore leads the kitchen with recklessly-named grubs you’d gladly churn down at any occasion. Pizza being the highlight, don’t refrain from ordering more for your posse. Some good to share options are the Meat Fuckers,  not-so-classic meat-lovers pizza with gravy to top and the Horn Dog where the beef sausage and turkey bacon pizza is best served with maple syrup, to everyone’s surprise. Read up the snacks section, and you’re right to find the Cock Slayer as one of the items. Maybe you’re too shy to read it out loud, but really, slight profanity is worth this gravy-doused fried chicken and potato mash meal.

Ever felt like loosening up after a dreaded Monday? Well, in this Duck Down, all bets are off on Monday nights to host the bar’s popular Live Karaoke Session. Bear in mind that the same rules apply, here: No RnB, no disco, no EDM. Nothing personal here, Dive Down is simply celebrating its style. Do wear your heart on your sleeve when your jam turns up. As for the non-singers, sit back and enjoy the crowd sing their hearts out.