Basque: Another Face of Tapas

by Pingkan Palilingan
9th September 2016
Cocooned in the midst of tall buildings in Kuningan, the visually-grabbing interior of Basque offers a different take to one of the famous exports from Spain, tapas.

The presence of Basque is a solid proof of our persistent interests for cuisine from far-flung countries. Joining the merry bunch of Spanish restaurants slash bars in Jakarta, Basque Bar de Tapas is almost like a den, cocooned in the midst of glistening skyscrapers of Mega Kuningan, giving off the sense that it’s a secluded spot that has yet to be discovered by many.

With a “Bar de Tapas” tagline that follows its name, it’s clear that the menu hovers around Spanish tapas. But Basque itself refers to a region in Spain that sits on the border between Spain and France; therefore in terms of food, expect to see some features that are rarely seen at your typical Spanish restaurant.

Take their Pintxos (pronounced pinchos), a version of tapas from the Basque region, which slightly differs from the classic Spanish tapas where pintxos is spiked through into bread with a toothpick. Although, for those who are more familiar with the usual form of tapas, will be glad to find the restaurant’s extensive list of options to go with their thirst-quenching concoctions.

Ask any waiter and they will disclose that girls would usually gravitate towards Lady Wildberry, a special creation for ladies (hence the name) that boasts a mixture of dry gin, fraise de bois, thyme leaf, blackberry and vanilla. Or if you wish for that sharp punch after finishing off a plate of their Seafood Paella, which features king prawns, mussels, squid and salmon, Noble House – a visually grabbing cocktail that pays a tribute to the building – would be the perfect choice.

The spacious area has quite a lot of nooks and crannies for you to dine in privacy. There’s the mezzanine section, where executives would usually hold their private meeting, or the alcove beside the open space, which usually sees a group of young people celebrating special occasions. But the popular spot will no doubt be the area right under the expansive glass ceiling that basks under the sunshine during the day and starlight in the evening.

Tapas may not be the type of dish that is easily understood for many. But with Basque, the experience or introduction to the Spanish cuisine is made much more elevated and, definitely gratifying.