Made in Gina

by Erdira Wirengjurit
12th January 2019
Bar Gina adds colour in Senopati where it hosts night-outs in an all-empowering feminist concept bar, a place where all individual expressions are celebrated with gnarly drinks to match.

The Senopati-Suryo strip is emblematic for its ever-bustling nightlife scene in south Jakarta, and Bar Gina adds one more colour to the scene with its all-out feminist concept under the belt. And it’s not merely speaking of the reimagined Last Supper mural with female icons from modern culture painted on the venue’s main wall.

Bar Gina was inspired by women-exclusive bars found abroad amidst the staggering cases of harassment women experience in such locations. Though Bar Gina isn’t exclusive to the ladies, the establishment prides on hosting everybody without judgement and societal expectations, or quite simply, a haven for individual expression.

With that said, everyone is encouraged to come as expressive as they wish to be, letting loose of all frustrations from being confined to the role that society told them to play. And as you celebrate the liberation, have the toast with some of Bar Gina’s craft cocktails, aptly named with wit: Between Moods (based with pandan infused white rum), Unapologetic (sweet and bold from the raspberry infused gin), and Konnichiwa Bitches (refreshingly sour with gin), to name a few. To add giggles to your table, do try to order the classic Long Island cocktail for a surprise.

Early evenings are great for the pre-drinks. And the nights here will be crowded with live music where they extend patrons the invitation to karaoke-jamming. Better yet, go for the stage and mic for your moment under the spotlight. At last, your posse is set for a solid night out in the company of music, gnarly drinks and ample grubs for the case of munchies.

Here’s a tip, go in with a little fun bet among your friends: what’s the correct pronunciation for “Gina”? Is it gina or gina? It’s no trick, but do refer to Bar Gina’s emblem for a hint to find out the subtle wordplay.