A 404 Bottle Eatery Odyssey

by Runi Cholid
12th May 2023
404 Bottle Eatery in Wijaya gathers communities while serving up tasty tipples and Western comfort food with a side of a futuristic, sci-fi charm.

Why do people go on a boozy night out? Some consider it a stress reliever. Others, a favourite pastime. And then there are those who find themselves in these moments, released of all masks. It is for them that 404 Bottle Eatery opened its doors on Wijaya I street, welcoming individuals of all ilks into their futuristic-style confines.

At 404, the strong sci-fi influence presents itself right from the start. Its entrance can be found up a silver-painted set of stairs, cocooned inside an imposing dome of the same hue. Further in, pops of bright colours add another dimension to the space, bringing to mind a scene from “2001: A Space Odyssey” (1968). One wouldn’t have guessed that the concept came from the same folks who created the summer-y, poolside hideout Dikolam in Kemang.

“The futuristic theme comes from the question of: who are we in the future? The 404 name refers to the ‘page not found’ error, because we want it to be a place where people can lose and then rediscover themselves,” explained Rizkia Larasati, a representative of 404. Fittingly, the team is always looking for community events to fill up the calendar, covering a variety of different interests. From the Breakfeasting Club during Ramadan, which gathered a number of other culinary establishments under its roof, to a Star Wars Day celebration on May the 4th.

On 404’s menu, compiled within a metallic tome, the range of drinks includes the signature cocktail Negrosoyi Code, a classic negroni with a sweet twist in the form of a burnt mesoyi stick (similar to cinnamon), alongside an array of bottle options and mocktails like the kiwi-dominated Sparkle Jungle. Meanwhile, fulfilling the ‘eatery’ part of their name are Western comfort food picks such as the refreshing and crunchy Tropical Nachos covered in a salsa of pineapple and tomato, the classic Chicken Steak drizzled with flavourful demi-glace and the Choco Lava Cake dessert topped with vanilla ice cream and a nest of caramel.

With such a distinctive space, some might have expected the same futuristic and avant-garde approach to the food and drink offerings, and it is indeed a vision that 404 hopes to achieve eventually. True to its concept, the bar-slash-restaurant is also on an ongoing journey to develop its identity. And propelled by a growing community that the team continues to gather, it’s exciting to see how 404 will turn out going into the future.