About Manual

Manual is an independent lifestyle media that uncovers the vibrant happenings in Jakarta with a focus on food, fashion, culture, arts and design.

As your bookmark of the city, we spotlight distinct establishments, legendary street food, creative visionaries and many more captivating cultural interests with fresh perspectives that make the discovery and rediscovery of Jakarta all the more thrilling. Done with quality photographs and sharp writing, we want to reach you with a side of the city that resonates beyond its tangible charms.

To amplify this mission, we extend our presence beyond the digital. With many ecosystems online and offline, we serve to bridge the gap to our readers and offer a comprehensive experience of Jakarta, its people, and culture through more than in-depth reporting.

To keep yourself in the loop, follow us on Instagram @manualjakarta and you can also drop us a note at info@manual.co.id for general inquiries and collaborations. Have fun exploring what J-town has to offer!