Seafood Trisulo 234

19th February 2016
Committing itself to the slogan, ‘Lebih Enak & Murah’, Seafood Trisulo delivers modest Eastern Java-style seafood best enjoyed with a rowdy company of friends.

Seafood Trisulo joins the swath of eateries serving seafood along the stretches of ruko (shophouses) in Kelapa Gading. While competition is evidently stiff, Seafood Trisulo prides itself as being ‘Lebih Enak & Murah’, which means tastier and more affordable.

The various types of sauces (black pepper, butter and oyster sauce) and seafood (clams, prawns, crabs) work well for those who arrived in a large group, so as to sample as many permutations the menu affords.

In particular, Seafood Trisulo serves up flavourful Eastern Java specialties such as Ikan Baronang Bakar (Grilled Baronang Fish) and Kepiting Bakar Daun Pisang (grilled crab wrapped in banana leaves). The aromatic banana leaves gave the dish just the right character: moist and fragrant. For those who are not fond of crabs, even adding the crab’s gravy onto your rice makes for a savoury combination.

Another signature dish is their Daun Dewa, a leafy serving that is best cooked polos (stir-fried with garlic), allowing its natural flavour to come to the fore. An essential complement to these dishes is the appetising, homemade sambal terasi (shrimp paste chilli), best slathered liberally onto their unbelievably crispy deep fried cuttlefish, as well as everything else.

Stripped off of their ‘Instagrammable’ quality, ordinary communal tables fill the interior, accented only by bright plastic stools and cheesy food quotes printed on colourful canvases.

In a true no-fuss manner, Seafood Trisulo 234 places its emphasis squarely on delivering drool-worthy seafood. There is no doubt that it will get messy as you dig into everything that is sauce-covered. But then again, that is just part of the fun.