Toridoll Yakitori

10th August 2015
Toridoll Yakitori is a modern-day izakaya that brings forward authentic Japanese skewers with options aplenty for one to handle.

It’s easy to scoff at dining establishments that reside in malls. Unless you have the financial capability to dine in one of the highly established restaurants, the rest just seems like a waste of time. But sometimes you’ll be surprised at what you’ll chance upon when you give them the benefit of the doubt.

Located at the Food Gallery Hall of Gandaria City Mall, Toridoll Yakitori, at first glance, seems like just another addition to the slew of restaurants in the mall. However, it will be a shame not to give this Japanese establishment a try. Helmed by Chef Nozaki, Toridoll Yakitori’s menu zeroes in on dishes that they do best – yakitori.

Get ready to be faced with difficult decision when it comes to picking the types of skewers. Apart from chicken, beef and salmon, there are also various innards that round off the selection. But to make things easier for you and your peers, dive right into their Assorted Skewers Set instead.

If you’re the type that leans towards the side of an omnivore, there are dishes like Potesala Croquette Tartar and Candied Sweet Potato to even things up. In addition, dishes like tempura and yakisoba further add more options to the already diversified menu.

With their warm wooden interior and open kitchen concept, diners get the chance to see the staffs in action – grilling the skewers or stir-frying the Yakisoba – while digging into their own meal. And thanks to their location in a mall, Toridoll Yakitori also provides a delectable, not to mention quality, way out for those who are waiting for the after-work traffic to subside.