Tasty Homemade

12th October 2017
Tasty Homemade shows the appeal of clean eating with the use of local organic ingredients, where the food is just as the name suggests.

First started in 2013, Tasty Homemade was founded with a simple aim of welcoming healthy food enthusiasts to share their interest with like-minded people over a plate of home-cooked meal. Fast-forward to today, Tasty Homemade has moved to a new home and continuing its mission over at Benda Street.

Using only natural organic ingredients, visitors have the option to choose from healthy sandwiches with homemade patties, vegetable soups to their customisable Tasty Salad. The latter starts with a base of seasonal leafy greens, red onion, courgette and beet mixed with house vinaigrette of the day. For extra kick, a selection of pan grilled meat and vegetarian patties such as mushroom or falafel can be added to your bowl.

If that’s “too clean” for your liking, one can opt for their ‘Not-the-ordinary’ Mie Ayam served with veggie noodles – a healthier take on the beloved local cuisine or pasta with their homemade sauce ranging from pesto to sambal hijau. Still, whatever the choice is, Tasty Homemade makes sure that it arrives on your table fresh and delish. There’s also the occasional special menu made with seasonal ingredients to shake things up a little.

Here, you must not skip the desserts. The gluten free Espresso Walnut Fudge made with coconut oil will definitely satisfy your sweet cravings without the wave of guilt afterwards. To wash things down, you can count on a glass of seasonal juice or an iced Cinnamon Lemongrass.

Tasty food aside, don’t be surprised if strangers start to make small talks with you as Tasty Homemade is also about sharing experiences for a healthier lifestyle. And you’ll be glad that you’re doing it over healthy and easy-going home-cooked meals.