24th September 2014
Shirokuma evokes a lively hot Japanese summer with its minimalist interior and superb matcha-based desserts.

Amidst the influx of Korean pop culture in Indonesia, it is interesting to discover that the fascination towards Japanese culture, especially its food, remains strong and firm. Located in among the dizzying line-up of F&B establishments at Pantai Indah Kapuk, Shirokuma stands out from the rest with its clean and minimal exterior that resembles the face of a cartoon bear. But even without it, Shirokuma stands out all the same – it is one of the establishments to serve superb Japanese-inspired desserts.

With a healthy obsession over matcha and Cordon Bleu experience under her belt, owner, Michelle Widjaja, came out with simple and cordial selection of desserts where it is easy to get excited and carried away like a child in a candy shop. The highlights are their matcha-based desserts, such as Shiratama Parfait, Matcha Red Bean Float and Matcha Soft Cream. The bittersweet hint of matcha is light without overpowering one’s palate, which means ordering more than one dessert is very likely here. But if you’re spoilt for choice and wish to try more in one go, their tasting plate – soft cream, matcha cake and shiratama anko (glutinous rice balls with red bean paste), is a no-brainer option.

While the cutesy desserts are obviously targeted towards females, Shirokuma use of quality ingredients and well-balanced palate are just as likely to rope in the male audience. Case in point, apart from desserts, the establishment also offers coffee, using beans from Tanamera.

Snow Affogato is recommended for a full Shirokuma experience. This adorable and “theatrical” affogato, where a huge and fluffy cotton candy perched prettily on top of a tiny ice cream bowl, immediately attracts curious and envious stares from nearby customers even before it reaches your table.

The best time to visit Shirokuma is definitely during the noon of weekdays. Outside that time frame, be prepared to fork out time, as endurance is definitely needed to brave through the long queue line.