Publichood Coffee Shop

12th November 2015
Publichood's main mission is not only to serve good coffee with killer breakfast, but also to keep the men in the neighbourhood dapper and well-groomed.

When a conversation on South Jakarta arises, there are two things that usually get people started: traffic congestion and South’s café culture. Luckily, we often bypass the traffic topic and instead, find more interest in the latter.

South Jakarta is huge and it is certainly becoming a good excuse for one to open more cafés and brunch spots. Enter Publichood Coffee Shop in Pondok Indah that is not only concern about serving good coffee, but also care about grooming men in the neighbourhood.

Publichood is comprised of two compound: the coffee joint and barber shop. The former, a rather compact space, is not only a place to get your daily coffee. Along with serving breakfast and brunch, it also turns into a late night joint with DJs regularly playing on weekends and, once in a while, movie night. Meanwhile, right next door is where men in the neighbourhood get their monthly cut done by Barberwood, and amazingly, it also shares the space with shoe cleaning service Sneaklin. Talking about killing two birds with one stone.

When it comes to coffee, its definitely the conversation starter here. Literally. Coffee menu is written in ounces – 3 oz, 4.5 oz, 5 oz – and defined by colours, “black” or “white”. Apparently, it’s something done intentionally by the owners to incite conversation between the customers and baristas. Black 3 oz is espresso and White 5 oz is cappuccino. If you’re unsure, just ask the barista. Their coffee beans are mostly by Tanamera Coffee, but sometimes there are specials from various roasteries, say Melbourne’s Seven Seeds and Proud Mary.

All in all, the word ‘joint’ rather suits well with Publichood’s personality, judging from their ability enliven up the neighbourhood. With more café choices now in Pondok Indah (in addition to Woodpecker in the neighbouring Terogong area), now denizens of the neighbourhood have nothing more to worry about their daily dose of coffee, and entertainment to boot.