Passionnée Bread & Pastry

14th May 2014
Passionnée Bread & Pastry delish selection is beginning to titillate and appeal to more than just the neighbourhoods around it.

Started in just less than three months, neighbourhood pastry shop, Passionnée is fast gaining popularity among the residents in the Brawijaya area. It’s not hard to figure out why. While pastry makes for a popular option on the breakfast table, good pastry is hard to find.

Still, knowing the existence of Passionnée and locating the establishment is two different matter. Passionnée is comfortably tucked in the corner of landed-property residences with only a barely visible sign by the road to scream for your attention. But that’s what makes locating it a rewarding and gratifying challenge.

Passionnée is definitely an apt title for the establishment, for owner, Anandita Makes holds two day jobs – she works in an office during the day and as a baker even earlier in the morning. As such, the selections, during the weekdays, encompass the familiar favourites such as croissant, canele and fruit pie. But come weekend, Makes rolls up her sleeves and deliver pastries that require more laborious efforts such as quiche.

So for more selection, it’s always a safe bet to drop by on the weekend. But as they say, early bird gets the worm. It’ll be advisable to visit this establishment early in the morning. The residents around the neighbourhood will most likely snap up more than half of the pastry up by noon.