Pantry Magic

22nd December 2013
Be pampered by Pantry Magic’s broad selection of finest kitchenware.

Ask anyone who cooks and they will tell you that skills and hours of practice are important when it comes to whipping up tasty dishes. While that is true, having quality kitchen tools is just as important. Why spend unnecessary hours in the kitchen trying to improvise tools when you can just get it done straightaway with the right quality-focused kitchen gadgets?

For cooking enthusiasts, stepping into Pantry Magic is akin to entering a kitchen heaven. You are more than likely able to find anything you need for your cooking needs. And you are also most likely to encounter some kitchen tools  you can’t find anywhere else in Jakarta.

Rest assured that the kitchenware comes from only the most highly acclaimed brands, such as Dualit, Kitchenaid and DICK. Here you can get your hands on products from fondue maker, pots, whisks, and knives to simply good quality linen tablecloth for your kitchen counter.

Recognising that owning good quality kitchen wares only means “half the battle won” in creating dishes or perfecting culinary skills, cooking books are also available in the store. But, if you want to take a step further, sign up for Pantry Magic’s cooking or baking classes by professional chefs that unquestionably separate you from the rest of amateurs.