One Eyed Jack

23rd October 2017
Kuningan says hello to Up In Smoke and One Eyed Jack, where they are housed under one roof. The former a restaurant specialises in superb grilled dishes and the latter a modern Izakaya delivering Japanese cuisine with a twist.

There may be plenty of Japanese izakaya in Jakarta, but One Eyed Jack puts a modern twist with hints of Peruvian flavours with their offerings that warrant continuous visits. If the name sounds familiar, it’s because the establishment has made its mark in Canggu, Bali.

With a Nobu Restaurant (Malibu and New York) veteran as their executive chef, you’re definitely in good hands here. The selections here are filled with light and bite-sized options that are ideal for a quick meal or if you’re not to keen on downing alcohol with an empty stomach.

Get ready to be spoilt with choice when in One Eyed Jack. But, the staff will most likely to recommend you Hamachi (Yellowtail tuna) Jalapeno that comes with yuzu soy sauce, the fresh shrimp taco and even the classic yakitori.

Having said that, heavier options are also available here, such as grilled salmon and their version of fried rice that comes with generous portion of barbequed pork. The best part about One Eyed Jack is that dishes are surprisingly light. Even if you combined sashimi, yakitori and bites with rice bowl, you won’t be overstuffed.

While food reigns here, the drinks are not secondary at all. The most recommended pick is Numazu (Nigori sake, coconut water, lemon and mint), where it’s hard to stop at just one glass. At night, one should opt for Nara Sidecar, the smoky whisky based cocktail served with orange liqueur and yuzu.

It’s a no brainer’s choice to visit One Eyed Jack for an after work dinner or a night out of drinking with pals. Visiting with an empty stomach won’t be a problem either, with a selection of assorted menu such as Grilled Salmon and Shiitake Sliders, one can easily combine different light options to make a full meal. Plus, since it shares the space with Up In Smoke, you can mixed things up and order a few dishes from the other side.